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artist collabs


Tom Bunney | Squamish, BC. 

Grades first Artist Collab was with Tom Bunney. This was truly an honor.
We shared our vision and let Tom do his thing. What emerged was our Black Forest collab. Intricate, doomy, woodsy, flora, with a little mountain magic. The result was nothing short of perfection, IMO. 

Tom was born and bred in the UK but now spends his time working and riding bikes in Squamish in BC, Canada. He's the best! 

Check out his work,


Carly Brand | Salt Lake City, UT 

Carly's collaboration with Grade was inspired by esthetics of the woodcut & relief printing process. Her work can be seen on latest leather patches (beanies and 5 panel hats). 


Carly is a Salt Lake City based designer and printmaker who spends her free time biking, kayaking, skiing and snacking. Stoked to share Utah with other ladies who love to create and shred!


Sara Hamme | Summit County, CO

We found another Michigander living out west and obviously wanted to team up for a collaboration. What Sara came up with was perfect for a drop of summer hats! 


Sara grew up in lower Michigan but now spends her time in Summit County, Colorado. In her free time she likes to bike, draw, and spend time with her dog Lola.

Check out the collab with Sara! 

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